Monday, April 29, 2013

3G Third Generation Malayalam Movie,Review,Release Date

Director : Jayaprakaash.

Producer : K P Anil Kumar

Distributor : Tharakaroopini creations

Screenplay-Dialogues : C Balachanderan - Bino mathew(Alexander the great).

D O P : Manoj mundeyat

Editor : P C Mohan

Music : Mohan sithara

Casting: John (Tournament) , Arun narayan (Indian Rupee), Mehul James( Asuravithu, Cash),Vidya unni (Dr.Love), Saikumr,Rekha,Devan

This is basically story of 3 youngsters who write psc exams of S.I post..though selected, their names replaced by those not even gone through physical tests.motivated by a veteran {ex communist }they fight the system with brain not brawn..idea in nut shell..really a commercial movie where lyrics can portray present state of things. & what third generation can&must do..precisely it will be both prologue & epilogue of this celluloid drama.


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