Thursday, June 13, 2013

English: A kaleidoscope of Shyama Prasad relations

Shyama Prasad irector had decided to make a film about the history developed by Ajayan Venugopal and the result is now before us, which is the Malayalam film "English", which speaks of four Malayalee expatriates living in London and emotions, loss , sadness and relationship. The film has been entirely shot in places of London.

Screens Navrang flag, Binu Malayalam Dev produce this film has Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Remya Nambeesan, Naida Moidu, Mukesh, Sona
Nair, Murali Menon, Pillai Ninu, vardha, and others on the list of the actors. Ajayan Venugopal prepared the script, I had done the popular series "Akkara Kazhchakal" based on the life of NRI.

Udayan has made ​​photography Ambady, while editing by Vinod Sukumaran established works. The lyrics of Shibu Chakravarthy tuned by Rex Vijayan. The film is almost complete and will soon make its way to theaters .....


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