Thursday, June 13, 2013

Malayalam movie with Amby car in lead role

Popular Rajasenan manager has come out with a new film in which the central character is a `from` Amby in the movie "Model 72" aptly titled.

The content of the film, which comes out April 26 is similar to most Malayalam films and include a mix of comedy, drama, with a touch of romance.

The cast includes veteran Madhu
New face Bharat along with Govind Padmasoorya, Nazreen Nazar, Soniya and Sreejith Vijay Das.

It tells the story of four friends, whose lives revolve around a model Ambassador car 72.

The story and screenplay are written by Rajasenan, while letters are written by Rajeev Aalunkal and Santhosh Varma.

The 2004 Hindi romantic thriller 'Taarzan: The Wonder Car' also had a car as the central character


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