Thursday, June 13, 2013

Red Rain" : A science fiction Malayalam movie

Sadasivan Rahul debutant director opts for science fiction tale for his next Malayalam film "Red Rain", which will have Narain and Liyona Lishoy in the central characters. The film is based the actual incident happened in Kerala in 2001. It will have an international focus as many of the crew and foreign agents make their presence felt in the "Red Rain".

Highland Entertainments banner, Sachin has Sadashivan produce this Malayalam Mohan Sharma, Tini Tom, Devan, Andria, Vishnu
Guerrero, Shari, Munshi Venu and others on the list of the actors. Jomon Thomas is the man behind the camera works, while the executive producer is Raju Mallyath. Gopi Sundar compose the music of the film. The film is said to be made ​​in the line of the Hollywood movie "Signs" directed by Manoj Night Shyamalan.

Rahul Sadasivan, who studied animation and special effects, as well as holds graduate degree in the same University of Wales and also worked in some films in the UK. According to the technology of reports used in the manufacture of "Red Rain" lay the new standards Malayalam film. Well, all set with director Rahul search Sadasivan and now wait for the moment to see the "Red Rain".


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