Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review 3 dots"

Small circular marks on the lives of three people wander aimlessly, that's what you can get the opinion after seeing the latest film from director Sugeeth Malayalam "3 points". Scripture is not up to expectations, which may be the negatives of this film. Entertaining fabrics are there and the manager tried to reproduce the elements of his first film, but unfortunately, it is a normal one .....

History speaks of the three persons Louis (Biju Menon), was a bully eccentric and even fear not kill a man, the next is Vishnu (Kunchako Boban) was the little thief of time and the third person is Pappan (Prathap Pothen ), who had deceived the shore, where he was
work, to please a woman he had an affair. The three of them are in jail for their misdeeds and this prison, which are influenced by the director Dr. Isaac Samuel (Narain) and discuss their personal issues with others, however at that time Vishnu, now Louis Pappan are good friends and almost three being released from prison, at the same time.

After liberation, Vishnu and Louis Pappan remain together in his apartment, while his effort to find work is difficult to label a jail prisoners. In this situation, decide to meet with Dr. Isaac Samuel for help at work, while suggesting they get self-employed and does not start kindergarten in the old omni Pappan and was remodeled by Vishnu to start an ambulance service. not pass some love scenes between Lakshmi schoolteacher (Janani Iyer) and Vishnu, meanwhile Louis gets mixed with Grace (Anjana Menon) a widow and Louis works in driving school. As his life went smoothly, an input children in their space dissolve the suspense in the plot, which takes time to complete.

With this kind of length, where the narrative is awkward that could easily give you the feeling of being tired. Sugeeth and his team seems to not work on characters and Rajesh Raghavan's script does not offer the touch needed for this type of issue, where it looks convincing first half and the second half falls in the same ratio. Visual by Faizal Ali addresses the need of the racks, while editing the V Saajan not seem in place. Music by Vidyasagar is in the acceptable level.

Therefore Boban and Biju Menon Kunchako work together for a while, so it's easy for them to continue operation. Kunchako Boban scored his character to withstand rough Biju Menon and vice versa. Prathap Pothen is the last to go to work and got some good shots with their representation, on the other side Narain is safe with the new type of character while Anjana Menon Janani Iyer and made his usual animals. For films ordinary flag, B Sathish and Sugeeth are the producers of this movie malayalam "normal".

If you've seen the movie malayalam "normal", then do not share your opinion with us through the comments ......


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