Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review Amen

Visual representation at its best, director Lijo Jose Pellissery showed that he is the true cinephile, you could feel when you see his directorial Malayalam film "Amen." Serendipity lands up in the script with the greatest favor, here scenarist PS Rafeeque need special mention. Congratulations to everyone involved with the "Amen". If you have lost the brilliant film-making in the past, then this is your chance to redeem ....

The story takes you to ancient times, when a town and its people Kumarankkary unknowingly convince viewers into this fairy tale. Kumarankarry village has this ancient Syrian church where everyone is aware of the blessings of holy Varghese St.Gee. Chief Vicar Fr. Ottaplakkan (Joy Mathew) plays the devil, who believe in their own conventional wisdom and does not want
move more of the basic practices. Another example is the band of troops of the Church is on the verge of closure due to their several defeats in the competition with Martha Mariam troops. In between there flower is a love story of Solomon (Fahadh Faasil) and Soshanna (Swati Reddy).

Solomon is the heart of "Amen", and it all started when his father Esthappan Aashan (Rajesh Hebbar), which was the principal clarinetist in the group of the church band while after his death in a boating accident, making attention to Solomon that works as an assistant to the assembly of the church and well versed with the clarinet, but when it comes to public spectacle that can not deliver, meanwhile loves Soshanna, Philipose daughter contractor (Nandhu) . Philipose oppose the relationship between the two.

As we know about the band of troops church is in danger, Fr.Ottaplakkan decides to offer the voting system in the fate of the troops, but with the arrival of the young priest Fr.Vincent Vattolli (Indrajith) as deputy to the high priest, that gives a setback to plans Fr.Ottaplakkan. Now Vattolli young priest takes work to reactivate the band troop of the church and in the process also helps the hand of Solomon and Soshanna love story that forms the rest of the plot.

Energetic performances of the actors, everyone deserves his character quite well. Fahadh Faasil is the name, which adapts to the senses of the characters in advance to make it a unique appeal on the big screen. Indrajith excels in the passing of the young priest with a different quality, while Swati Reddy has given his best effort in his debut in Malayalam cinema. Rachna Narayanankutty, Joy Mathew, Kalabhavan Mani, Sunil Sukhadha, Anil Murali, Rajesh Hebbar, Anil Murali, Chemban Vinod, Kulapulli Leela, Chalipala and others have made their presence felt with their characters. The music has its place in this topic and no doubt divine Prasanth Pillai has set the new songs.

Lijo Jose Pellissery really deserves the applause of the freshness of storytelling, while PS Rafeeque got the script in a well that sails smoothly to appreciable level. Throughout the movie experience was pleasant, where thanks to filmmaker Abhinandhan Ramanujan and his camera, which brought life in "Amen." Manoj editing also deserves special mention. To the flag of Whitesands Media House productions, Fareed Khan is the producer of this movie malayalam "Amen."

If you have felt the charm of Solomon in the Malayalam film "Amen", then do share with us ......


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