Monday, June 17, 2013

Review : "Annum Innum Ennum"

Contemporary to its object, Rajesh Nair directed the Malayalam movie "inNum Ennum annum" recalls the theme of the Hindi film "Life in a Metro", despite her sweet feel provide good depth to the characters and just has his moments , but some cause ambiguity in narrative bonding. All we can say to see once ........

The story focuses mainly different forms of life, here is a writer Sridhar (Jishnu Raghavan), who is dealing with his inability to write, for the past five years, and his wife Anjana (Radhika) provide
exploitation possible support to meet the expenses of his family. On the other hand, Sidharth Menon (Siddique) and Indu (Rekha) I have recently separated, where we go for that Sidharth displays sense of urgency to his upcoming marriage with Dolly.

As we move further, we reach the boss Anjana Roy (Nishan), which is a bit annoying with his wife and his gaze at each point of finding something better partner for him. Indu fog go through life and meet Dr. Benjamin Bruno to understand what makes your married life this way ..., so this process moves through the various characters to reach their life of suffering, forming the remainder of the frame.

Especially in terms of character, have too many to handle and look directions Rajesh Nair makes a good hand, while the script did not seem to meet in the second half. Script could be more precise and well, if it had been good. Krishna Prashanth Visual feel certain, had nurtured. V.Saajan Edition 's also has a good part of "inNum Ennum annum."

Radhika Jishnu Raghavan and showed their best to solve the characters they played, where Siddique played his character fairly. Nishan, Rekha, Thilakan, Tashu Kaushik, Salim Kumar, Ashoka, Seema G.Nair, Rosin Jolly, make Bijukuttan and other parts, as usual. The songs also supports the theme with Unni Varun music and lyrics were written by BKHarinarayanan and R. Venugopal Go For Films banner, Usha Umesh is the producer of this movie malayalam "inNum Ennum annum," which is being distributed by UTV Motion Pictures Release.

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