Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review : "SIM Sorry I AM Mad

The plot of the Malayalam film "SIM (I'm crazy)" is somehow related to the stage today, but the script poorly written and tedious story line makes this film one boring. Diphan Director, who had directed films like "Puthiya mukham" changes his way of comedy, in fact, the director is the way things discomfort. Well, give it a big thumbs down for this movie ......

In this world of technology, mobile phone has become part of everyday life and that is the case here too, mobile rounds story of this film. Karthik (Deepak), which has the job of repairing air conditioners and behaves in a way that attracts women or you can say flirtatious. Karthik also help their friends, providing
tips that are necessary for attracting women. In this activity, a daughter Pooja (Ann Augustine) enter the life of Karthik, who wants to churn out money from it for your needs. but after some time Karthik gave an idea to break and led to the suspension of sim connection.

On the other side of the story, a Brahmin Seetharamayyar (Manikanthan), works at the Regional Office of Transportation and life was easy with his two friends. As not married yet and friends dictate what to marry and with that move for a marriage announcement for which you need a number of staff for contact. Seetharamayyar bought sim mobile phone and the mobile number you receive is the same as that used by Karthik. But Pooja visit the Regional Transportation Office for their personal work, where Setharamayyar falls for her and dug his office details, then messaging session starts and the rest of the story is the climax of the film.

Some questions come here in there as director Diphan has not scored in any way with this funny movie, he wants to overcome their hit film "Hero". Again, there must be a strong presence of writing characters to meet the desired results, while the film shows no evidence of that. Visual composition of Bharani K Dharan shows no signs of good. The songs are only in the level of agreement with the touch of Gopi Sundar and lyrics of Santhosh Varma.

Ann Augustine supposed to be the main advantage, but only one has the opportunity to make his character and Deepak also struggle to get into the character. Manikanthan, Praveen, Anoop Chandran, Prem Kumar, Manraj, Vinod Kavvoor, Swapna Menon, VYGA, Manka Mahesh and others gave only average performance of the characters. For RR Banner Entertainment, Royson Vellara is the producer of the Malayalam film "SIM".


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