Monday, June 17, 2013

Review : "Thank You"

In "Thanks" VK Prakash showcase times be a good thanks to its social obligation, but sorry to say that the film is delayed due to a large majority of the pieces adapted from a Bollywood blockbuster. The script also Arun Lal is back with a little extra touch to his previous film, seems to be a lack of communication between the leadership of Arun VKP and scripting. Now it depends on you, if say thank you or not .....

All right here we have characters, which has no name and starts with a man (Jayasurya) wears the simple look
French cut, comes to Thiruvananthapuram city and secretly take the radio traffic police. Now begins his series called threatening to make your first call in the control room and report that there is a bomb in the nearby school. The chase game comes to existing police commissioner of the city (Sethu) takes direct responsibility to pursue those responsible and prevent the first explosion.

The mysterious man travels through a car and make your second call threat, where this time a restaurant in sight, and when the police get there, it turns out that a mere deception. On the other hand, is passed through a U.S. software professional who lands in the city and showing her reprimand with the ethical treatment of citizens. During this period of time, the search is on, while the mystery man reveals his position on this all events, which leads to the rest of the story.

Looks direction was not so bad, especially the technical aspect attract a good time. Arun Lal's script plays spoilsport in the first half crying too of the box and the second part behaves like someone who can take your perception. Dialogues seem incongruous and technical issues the better is the cinematography by Arvind Krishna and editing is the best team. Music and BGM was in the middle of the hands of Bijibal.

Jayasurya portrays his character on a regular basis by the nature of perception has already borne by large Indian cinema. Sethu was not as comfortable with his character, he feels he could have done much better. Honey Rose does not have much more to do, as Tini Tom, Mridul Nair, Aishwarya Devan, Sudheer karmaṇā, Saiju Kurup, P Balachandran, Mukundan, Kailash and others have given their generous support to his character. For Marikar Films banner, Shahul Hameed Marikar is the producer of this movie Malayalam "Thank you."

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