Thursday, June 13, 2013

"The Great Robbery" of Pradeep Nair......!

We will erase any errors guess before ..., director Pradeep Nair, who rose to national fame with his film "Oridam" said his next Malayalam film "The Big Steal", he left the program after the pre production works and other details will be announced later.

According to reports "The Big Steal" is based on the story of the artist Bonny Thomas, who used to criticize modern environment
in India through its framework. The film also repeated the same version of behavior through the sketch artist. Director Pradeep Nair who had worked on films like "Oridam" and "Cherukkanum Pennum" where more shares later romantic theme.

The screenplay for "The Big Steal" is all complete and other procedures is underway. The latest film by Pradeep Nair "Cherukkanum Pennum" starring Sreejith Vijay Nambiar and Deepthi, is still in line to get into the movie theaters. Well we extend our wishes to the director Pradeep Nair for your next project ....


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