Friday, July 5, 2013

Ayal Movie

'Pulluvan failed to meet her bear the hardships of life' Malayalam movie "Ayal" offers that something outside of conventional reality. Director Suresh Unnithan definitely deserves credit for incorporating brilliant execution. The script of K Ampady engage viewers with imaginative concept improbable. Absolutely a wonderful movie .., worth your time .....

The story revolves around a village where there is the myth and morality in the potential relationship, here Dasan (Lal), who had the magic touch when practicing Pulluvan. He has a son with
his sister Chakkara (Iniya) and his wife Janaki (Lakshmi Sharma) struggle to maintain their identity in life persist Dasan. His touch of divinity feasible attract Chakkara charm, where she wishes he always loved and stay with her.

The villagers had a deep admiration for Dasan caused by their qualities and wounded by his charm, Devaki Thampuratti (Lena), wife of a wealthy Brahmin, falls into a relationship with Dasan. His character doggedly pursue his own did not wish him a talking did. When women and other people aware of this relationship between Dasan and Devaki Thampuratti where the confusion begins in the life of Dasan, which forms the rest of the story.

Acting is something you have to look around, Lal beautifully maintained stoic face and speechless for excellence in representation. Lakshmi Sharma and Iniya made her characters are free from defects. Lena needs a special mention to the way it portrays Thampuratti Devaki, trembling moment pass. Kalashala Babu, Indrans, Sukumari, KPAC Lalitha, Mamukkoya and others have given their best to the characters. In the technical department, brilliant visual composition by Sujith Vasudev, who absorbed many eyes. Sobin K Soman Courts also does this, that is very well designed.

There would be a discussion on the length of the movie, but the way it serves the narrative faults fade. Director Suresh Unnithan has been in the industry for long and wisely held the nerve of this story. As already mentioned the screenplay with credible management leaves its impact on you. The music is nice, hands Mohan Sithara, Somasekharan Unnithan and MG Anil. Seashell flag For movies and viewing elements, Madhusoodhanan and MT Dileep Kumar are the producers of this movie Malayalam "Ayaal".

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