Monday, July 8, 2013

Maqbool Salmaan to have "Long Sight

Maqbool Salmaan to act in 'Long Sight'

Malayalam film 'matinee' debut with the Maqbool Salmaan,, now the "long view" of the title is gearing up for a Malayalam film. Along with that, the female lead and director Ramraj will direct the film Kadhal is an evening at the newcomer. Tamil Arasan and Arun Nandu jointly prepared script.

Roy film, with much focus on unemployed youth
Expectations about its future. Self-employed and are living their lives, who meanwhile Nimmi. Both together will deepen the life of the film. Liyona and Shari will demonstrate the key characters in the film. Vettam banner for cinema, Shysy Eapan "long view" of the manufacturer.

Aalampadambu honey for the lyrics, tunes by Vimal design. Thodupuzha and Ernakulam places. Associate Director Sandeep Rajan Philip and the controller output.


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