Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review : "Buddy"

The story stretched too despite a relative factor and Anoop Menon in the cast, the film offers the attraction and excitement that his title is, while narrative also moves at a low speed. Newcomer First Malayalam film Director Raaj Menon Prabavthy "Buddy", is inspired by the American film "The Kids Are All Right", which was nominated for an Oscar. Finally in the verdict, "Buddy" disappointed a great .....

Here we have a teenage Vishnu (midhu Murali) raised in the shadow of two women, Padma (Bhumika Chawla) and Meenakshi (Asha Sarath), first to be doing research in the form of dance and is an English author later. Both women just a little hate men and even lead to doubt that they are lesbians. Vishnu has given no attention to people talk because their mothers have promised to reveal the way in which it has come into this world, in his eighteenth birthday.

Now is the time, when Vishnu becomes a young and their mothers revealed that he was born by artificial insemination and that he knows nothing about his father. It begins the search for his father for his son and with the help of his friend, Vishnu point Manikunju Thadikaran cool dude (Anoop Menon), who is living with a retired DGP Nambothiree Shankaran (Balachandra Menon), a director of Biju Pattambi (Arun), a service technician ex Chandran Singh (Babu Antony) and others. Thadikaran Manikunju Now put a special attitude towards the young and ask Vishnu to be a good friend of his, there begins the story that follows the climax.

As the entire film depends on Anoop Menon, it seems exaggerated way he handles his character. Asha Sarath manage the good performance of your character, otherwise there seems no other word if Balachandra Menon, Babu Antony, Arun Mithun, Bhumika Chawla, Arun, Aju Varghese, TG Ravi, all sense only in the lower to the mean level. The music always sounds like Navneet hands Sundar and the letter has been written by Anoop Menon and Santhosh Varma.

Prabavthy Director Raaj Menon has not taken things seriously, if you are inspired or not, the narrative could have given the best treatment. The theme was cool, but the script does not have that shine to explore the possibility of a brilliant. In the technical department, so, should not be interesting if it'' s Prakash Kutty visual or editing by Dilip Dennis. For Greenee Entertainments banner, Augustine Jackson is the producer of the Malayalam film "Buddy".

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