Monday, July 1, 2013

Review of God sale - Bhakthi Prasthana

The plot here is authenticity and relevance in the current scenario, the way some people tried to disseminate religious differences through civil society. Babu Janardhanan relayed this story in a satirical way, but here is the story unpleasant to downplay all try. The impact was minor, but some performances, especially Venjharamoodu Suraaj was watchable, while failure would leave our visitors .......

It begins with the arrest of Swami Poornanda (Kunchako Boban), who is facing charges of murdering a child to appease
God. Now the focus is on the 70 and then to 90 to learn more about how Prasannan Nair became the Poornanda Godman Swami. This flashback mode revealed by handicapped brother Bhaskaran (Suraaj Venjharamoodu). Prasannan Nair had troubled childhood by his father accustomed Kamalasanan Pillai (Suraaj Venjharamoodu), found dead in a mysterious case after leading his anguished life.

Nair Prasannan grown to be an RSS karsevak and working as construction labor, lies to his beloved (Jyoti Krishna) in the village, which is communism. In his study of the law, when it comes into contact with the rich girl played Anumol clashes took their ideology. After moving to Christianity and how the series of events to transform the lives of Prasannan Nair, is the story climax.

Here is the looming problem is storytelling look dim, may be due to the large amount of categorization Prasannan life. Director and scriptwriter Babu Janardhanan certainly deserves applause for the subject, but things look plausible that the way you communicate. In the technical department, the film is a big, whether it is by Sinu Sidharth cinematography or editing by K Sobhin soman, is inadequate in their respective fields. Afzal Yousuf's music sounds good on the pieces with letters of Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma.

As the film revolves around Kunchako Boban, so I used most of his character, giving the best results. Chackochan shows brilliant effort in the second half, while the selection of the performance was Suraaj Venjharamoodu with his dual role, stole every inch of attention. Thilakan may be his last performance, stamped his unique presence. Jyoti Krishna, Anumol, Tini Tom and others have justified their characters. Green flag For Advertising, Saleem PT is the producer of this movie Malayalam "God Bhakthi Prasthanam Sale".

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