Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shutter "to speak Hindi!

Do not be confused with the above title, we're talking about the Malayalam film "Shutter," directed by Joy Mathew and the film has gained wide recognition with his treatment element. The film premiered at the 17th IFFK (International Film Festival of Kerala) and now the news is that "Shutter" was remade in Hindi with a touch of Bollywood.

Hindi version would be directed by "Neram" fame Alphonse
Putharen and the director says that the script for "Shutter" excites with its innovative history. According to reports, there has been no casting done so far for this Hindi film, as the name would be the same in Bollywood too. Technically, the team of "Neram" will join again for this Hindi "Shutter". After this film, Alphonse Putharen work for remake of his own film as director "Neram".

"Shutter" surrounding the incidents that happen in a city within two days and the movie starring Lal, Sreenivasan, Vinay Forrt, Sajitha Madathil, Prem Kumar, Augustine, Riya Saira and others. Joy Mathew, who directed "Shutter" in Malayalam, drama comes from the bottom of the stage and experienced in this Malayalam film marks his directorial debut. Well, let's see how the shutter open the doors of Bollywood ......


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